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Caribbean seeks to attract more Chinese visitors

24, June 2013: Caribbean honeymoons have long been very popular with people from across the world. But soon they could become more popular with Chinese tourists after recent predictions that China is going to increase its investment in the area.

The Invest Caribbean Now 2013 forum, which has been an annual event for the past three years, was held at the beginning of June, and one of the panels was called ‘China and the Caribbean’. Tourism ministers from across the Caribbean were in attendance at the even organised in part by the Caribbean Tourism Organisation, and they heard how China is planning to increase investment in the region.

China invested a total of $9 billion in Caribbean projects in 2012, as well as more assistance in the form of grants and loans. It is planning to increase investment in the region in 2013, including investment in the hospitality industry.

The Caribbean wants more Chinese tourists, that’s no secret. It hardly has to do much to attract people from other countries because Caribbean honeymoons are already popular with people from Europe, the USA and beyond. However, one of the challenges of the region if it is to attract more Chinese tourists is setting up direct air travel, and resorts are also being advised to adapt for Chinese visitors if they want to receive more guests.

Caribbean honeymoons offer a selection of beautiful islands, stunning beaches, excellent diving and a truly exotic escape that is ideal for a romantic holiday. People from all over the world flock here every year, and the Caribbean is known as one of the best destinations for exotic holidays in the world, and especially for romantic breaks. However, if the predictions are right, soon many more Chinese tourists could be arriving in the region to discover the joys of the Caribbean for themselves, and this is great news for tourism across the region.

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