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Travel insurance provider highlights importance of travel insurance even with EHIC

24, June 2013: Insuremore, a provider of single trip travel insurance and other products, is highlighting the importance of taking out a travel insurance policy when travelling to Europe on holiday instead of simply taking an EHIC. 

The EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) is something that everyone who travels to another country in the EU should take with them. It entitles them to the same level of medical care that a local of the country can expect to receive. 

So, if someone travels abroad and suffers an accident, they can expect to receive the same level of treatment that a local of that country would receive in a local hospital. 

However, one of the problems is that levels of healthcare provided to the public differ across Europe, and in some countries the level of care provided may be inferior to what the traveller would expect from the same treatment in the UK, making single trip travel insurance essential when going away on holiday. 

In addition, if the holidaymaker suffers a serious accident and is unable to return home, the EHIC will not provide a medical repatriation as this is something that only travel insurance provides. Many people have travelled abroad and been unable to return home after suffering serious accidents because they did not purchase travel insurance, so it is simply not worth the risk. 

Insuremore recommends that anyone travelling to another country in Europe on holiday should take an EHIC with them, which is completely free. However, it should not be at the expense of single trip travel insurance (for a one-off trip) or multi-trip insurance (for multiple trips throughout the year). Many holidays have been ruined because travellers have simply failed to take out a travel insurance policy before they left home, and some people have even had to raise large amounts of money to pay for their treatment abroad, so it is not worth the risk. 

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Insuremore is a provider of travel insurance, offering a wide range of insurance policies including single trip, business, multi trip and more. Visit the website to find out more about its travel insurance products at http://insuremore.co.uk/ . 

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