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New sunglasses website! www.sunglassess.org

July 4, 2013: With sunglassess.org there is a new player in the world of sunglasses. If you love famous brands like: Ray Ban, Oakley, etc. but not so much the prices in local shops. Then you’re at the right place! 

All sunglasses on the website have a minimum discount of 15% and the deals 87% off. If you’re living in the china,your shipment is free of charge. When you’re not living in the china, check the webshop for the shipment prices. 

sunglassess.org is official dealer of all brands on the site. So you can be sure that all glasses are 100% authentic and come with the standard manufacturer's warranty and original packaging. 

Are you looking for some new sunglasses such as Cheap Oakley Sunglasses Ray Ban Sunglasses oakley sunglasses sale from a reliable and professional website where customer service comes first or just for some information about glasses? Go to http://www.sunglassess.org and, they have a website http://www.nbaropa.es/ in spanish language too. 

Also make sure to follow their blog; http://www.sunglassess.org/blog. Not only will they inform you about the latest trends and news for sunglasses but they will also give you usefull info about sizes, shapes and the latest collections. 

Make comments on their blog http://www.sunglassess.org/blog if you need some special models of glasses, and they always add new models of glasses on homepage, bookmark the site is your best choice. 

More info please visit www.sunglassess.org .

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