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Ankaka Releases Cool Fashionable Dice Shaped Clock LED Projection Clock

Shenzhen, Guangdong, July 11, 2013 

LED Projection Clock 

Ankaka Releases Cool Fashionable Dice Shaped Clock LED Projection Clock 360 Degree Rotatable Night Light for Living Room or Bedroom. A clock in the living room or bed room is an important accessory which should not be ignored as it can make the room alive. Here is a fashionable dice shaped clock with a lot of features that people will want to get it to give their room a new lease of life. This is a projection clock with night light and best of all, people can rotate it an angle of 360 degrees. So, this rotation can allow them to project on the wall or ceiling of their sitting room. All they need to do is some focal adjustment for the clear display image of the time. 

It has 5W light bulb which can brighten up the room and can solve the dual purpose of working as the perfect night light and clock. It has a very soft sound which allows them to keep track of time without that annoying ticking sound. Besides,people don’t have to take the trouble of resetting brightness. It records the last brightness and uses it as initial luminance. The clock is durable and will last long with LED lamp life of 40,000 hours. The material used is eco-friendly and in a nutshell, it is worth buying! 

This LED Projection Clock Highlights: 

Keep track of time without nerve-racking ticking sound
Focal distance adjustment for clear image of time display
Fascinating LED projection of time with 5W super bright cold light
Memory function: the last brightness will be automatically recorded as initial luminance
Durable and long lasting: built-in cooling fan and its led life span is up to 40,000 hours
360 degree rotatable: time can be projected on the wall or ceiling of sitting room, bedroom etc
Can be regarded as a night light of the room and long time pressing the touch key for proper brightness

Item specifics From The Factory:

LED light: 5W
Light output: 1300 lumens
Led lamp life: 40,000 hours
Focus length: changeable
Material: Eco-friendly ABS
Screen: analogue/pointer display
Capacitive touch switch on/off: yes
Clock movement: powered by 1 AAA battery
Power supply: 110V-220V (for projection function)

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For Media Contact:
Contact Person: Jun Chen
Company Name: Ankaka Limited
Address: 313, Building 201,
Shangbu Industrial Park,
Huaqiangbei Road,
Futian District, Shenzhen, China
postal code: 518100
Call: 01186-755-82771810
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