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New Transport between Malta and Sicily this Summer

Accessibility in Europe is one of the parts that draw international holiday makers to spend their vacations in the many beautiful countries of the continent, and it has just become easier. The Transport Minister of Malta has announced that a new transport service between the island and its neighbour Sicily was recently launched aboard the MV Audacia. 

This new innovation will make travelling between the two islands so much easier for holiday makers who love taking a break from the world to relax on either island’s beautiful villas. In Sicily, 45,000 passengers travelled to Malta by sky and sea. 

Tourism for both of the islands is one of the most important sectors of their economy, and this new service will only help support this. The new service will run three times a week between Malta, Salerno and Augusta until the end of August. It will cater to tourists, but also the service will provide a way to transport goods between the two islands. 

The MV Audacia will be able to carry up to 500 passengers and 156 containers. It also has 65 cabins with 256 beds available for the passengers to stay before arriving to one of the beautiful villas in Sicily or Malta. 

It might surprise people to know that the majority of the people who travel between Sicily and Malta are Italians, followed by the British and Americans. There are also a number of Maltese people who decide to have a short holiday in one of the villas in Sicily, and vice versa, and the amount is increasing every year. With the travel sector continuously growing, the two islands had to make improvements to the commute. 

This is great news for travel companies like Essential Italy who provide apartments across Italy and lovely villas in Sicily. Many of the holiday makers take short trips to Malta during their stays, and this will improve their experience. 

This service is made available by Grimaldi Holding representatives in Malta, the Gollcher Group. 

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