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ProjectConnections Puts Project Managers on Fast Track to Success

REDWOOD CITY, California—July 06, 2009—In response to the continuing publication of new statistics on project failures across industries worldwide, ProjectConnections (www.projectconnections.com) has launched a new self-serve "virtual mentor" Fast Track Series aimed specifically at new project managers.

Recent statistics from the British Computer Society indicate that 1 in 8 projects achieve success, 31% of IT projects will be cancelled before completion, and 52.7% of completed projects come in over original estimates. Furthermore, the number one reason for project failure was attributed to inadequately trained and/or inexperienced Project Managers. "Businesses just can't withstand these kinds of project failure rates, especially in the current economy," said Cinda Voegtli, founder and CEO of ProjectConnections.com. "Project managers are essentially being entrusted with the results the business needs, whether revenue or cost savings, all accomplished by projects, often projects on short timetables with overburdened team members. We have to support the people we've asked to deliver these results."

ProjectConnections released its New Project Manager Fast Track as part of its Premium subscription service "for every new project manager who wants to know what the job is, how to get started managing a new project, what matters most, and how to get through the day in this challenging role," said Voegtli. "Becoming a project manager is not necessarily an easy transition. So many new project managers are essentially anointed overnight, handed something critical their company needs done, and expected to get going and just get it done. But we believe they shouldn't have to live through it to learn how to do it, which is unfortunately how a lot of project manager 'education' happens. So we offer a variety of practical assistance to get them up to speed fast and support them along the way."

The New Project Manager Fast Track content guides new PMs through this important transition. It helps them quickly understand their new role, giving them a simple roadmap through the stages of a project, pointing out critical activities from defining goals all the way to knowing when the project is really done, and providing templates to help them with that work. It provides coaching articles each month giving them ongoing encouragement and practical advice on how project management really works in the real world. Finally, the content includes answers to Burning Questions: real-time problem solvers and how-to answers for issues a new project manager is likely to hit on the job.

The Fast Track is accessible anywhere, anytime to help project managers right when they need it. They get access to hundreds of resources created by experienced practitioners across industries, providing invaluable just-in-time tips and advice, no matter where they are in their projects. For additional information, visit the New Project Managers Fast Track.

About ProjectConnections.com

ProjectConnections.com provides affordable, on-demand virtual support for people managing and teams. The company helps busy managers get their critical projects done with how-to resources, tools, and advice, helping develop their management skills to the next level along the way. Since 1999, more than 250,000 professionals worldwide have turned to ProjectConnections.com to increase their knowledge and capabilities in business-savvy project management and personal effectiveness on projects. The ProjectConnections Premium subscription, available to individuals as well as corporate groups, provides a low-cost but highly valuable self-serve option that allows managers to access a "know-how library" of templates, tools, and burning questions to help with the activities and problems the encounter on their projects. The company also provides full-service virtual on-demand coaching, as well as on-site assistance to individuals and companies looking to grow their managers, improve their processes, and overall, succeed at the projects they undertake.

ProjectConnections.com can also save you time and money with Corporate and Group Subscriptions pricing for much less than it costs to send each person to attend one narrowly-focused training class.



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