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The world financial and economic crisis is not an obstacle for Roman Pukhalskyi from Ukraine to sell virtual precious stones of USD 5000 each

According to Roman, the idea occurred to him when he could not pay for education and development of his social internet project any longer. As he wrote in his web blog, the new project will soon become famous all over the world. The main idea of the project is the sale of 272 virtual precious stones instead of which pictures of people who bought them will be placed for the next 25 years. Roman did not think long and named the web page “www.throwafive.com”. Every jeweler would envy Roman’s idea and its successful realisation. The web page decorated with a great number of precious stones began to attract thousands of people from all over the world who love precious jewelry.

Young jeweler is certain that people who buy his precious stones most likely adore precious things. Roman says: “Even though my stones are virtual and cannot be touched, they can be admired irrespective of their owners’ whereabouts who will become famous all over the world. People will also know the price of stones bought by the project parties”. This is very important for many people.

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