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Carrier Cloud Launches Global VoIP Termination Marketplace

July 7, 2009 Denver, CO

Carrier Cloud International has launched www.CarrierCloud.com a worldwide minutes marketplace for VoIP providers and telecom operators. Buyers and Sellers of voice termination can log on and start selling or buying within five minutes. Carrier Cloud automates the process online.

Carrier Cloud’s system makes it easy for Sellers to immediately offer termination routes to hundreds of Buyers, with only one connection to Carrier Cloud. Sellers get credited after each call is completed and can withdraw funds on a daily basis.

There is no risk to the Seller because all sales are prepaid into Carrier Cloud’s secure escrow account and Seller can view reports of minutes sold and funds transferred, in real time.

Buyers can create an account online and provision their switch in less than 7 minutes and immediately get access to thousands of global termination routes – an instant “A-Z Rate Sheet” provided by many Sellers via Carrier Cloud.

Buyers can select routes on Least Cost and on Quality of the Route based on Average Call Duration, Average Seizure Ratio and Post Dial Delay. Buyers don’t need to simply trust a Seller’s claim of quality – the statistics of each route are shown online, in real time.

All sales are prepaid into a secure escrow account which eliminates the risk for each party. No money is paid out of the Buyer’s escrow account until after each successful call ends. Buyers are in control of which routes they want to buy based on selection criteria they select.

Carrier Cloud is seeking strategic partnerships and alliances with companies related to the telecom field.

About Carrier Cloud
Carrier Cloud is a privately held company based in Denver, Colorado, USA whose investors and founders include entrepreneur Gregory Giagnocavo and the founders of telecom and financial powerhouse Vitelity.com, a fast-growing wholesale voip provider.

More information can be obtained from www.CarrierCloud.com Email: sales (at) CarrierCloud (dot) com

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