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Graphic designer / illustrator in Omaha, Nebraska.

NEW Business – Profits Go to Food Bank

A graphic designer in Omaha, NE has just launched a new side business: http://AnniesDoodlebugz.com. It is an online store featuring art work created by Ann Troe. Profits from the store will be donated to the OmahaFoodBank.org. Ann is very excited about the opportunity to apply philanthropic principles in a business setting while expressing her creative passions. It is a great way to buy a gift and give a gift at the same time.

This is an easy way to make a difference. $1.00 of profit from AnniesDoodlebugz.com turns into $14.00 worth of wholesome food distributed by the Food Bank. Help make this a great success for Omaha. Spend your dollars, tell your friends, donate free or barter advertising with Ann.

In the online store you will find t-shirts, mugs, SIGG® water bottles, re-usable tote bags, posters, note cards, - go see what else! For more information visit: http://AnniesDoodlebugz.com - click the link to the online store.

Ann Troe is originally from Lincoln, NE. She has a graphic design business and lives in Omaha, NE.

Ann Troe

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