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Australian based Author Finds Publishing Success in America

Australian based Author Finds Publishing Success in America
Melbourne based author released his memoir about his life battling the neurological condition epilepsy. Titled: Beyond my Control - One Man's Struggle with Epilepsy, Seizure Surgery & Beyond--has become a success with sufferers and non-sufferer's alike

Stuart Ross McCallum vividly describes his twenty-year journey of living with epilepsy and how this unpredictable disease has not only impacted his life but the lives of everyone around him. For years, he operated a business and managed staff while battling an ever-increasing number of seizures. As his condition deteriorated and his post seizure responses became more intense, he was often prone to violent outbursts that threatened his safety as well as the safety of those in his inner circle. McCallum share how the perception of the disease and the socially unacceptable behaviours that occurred persuant to his seizures eventually forced him to risk everything---he made the life-altering decision to undergo two brain operations that he hoped would provide freedom from a life of instability, danger, and stares from strangers.

Beyond my Control provides an honest, emotional look into a highly complex and all too often misunderstood condition---and how one man's courage and perseverance helped him break through the darkness to find hope on the other side.

It has been voted the most inspirational book about epilepsy on popular online store amazon.com. Beyond my Control is receiving glowing reviews from people around the world.

Director, Stanford Epilepsy Centre and Editor-in -Chief, epilepsy.com reviews and strongly recommends, Beyond my Contol as a must read for people with epilepsy and those who care about them.

My web site has a lot more information and testimonies from people who have read and rated Beyond my Control as an invaluable and highly entertaining read

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