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Savings Highway: New Discount Memberships Added and Waiving of Overhead Fees Boost Potential

Georgia; 3 September, 2013: Savings Highway, a network marketing company that cares, has added three powerful new discount travel memberships. With the ability to have the monthly overhead fees waived, members can really take advantage of huge savings. This is made possible by the member’s participation in the income generation system. Savings Highway gives their members a business model that will allow them to create a steady stream of income. Members can also take advantage of discounts on various. The company has also added two more discount memberships for member usage. Take advantage of this opportunity now to save on costs. 

Three New Discount Travel Memberships
Steve Gresham, as the leader of Savings Highway, is continuously working to improve his company’s potential. Recently, he and his team have combined three new discount travel memberships to the already vast collection. This includes the Get a Room, Exclusive Worldwide Hotel, Airline Packages and Airline Portal. These memberships are provided at unpublished rates, which mean that only paid members of the company can access them. 

Perks of New Travel Discounts
First, the Get a Room discount provides members with private hotel discounts, allowing them to save at 4000 properties. Second, Exclusive Worldwide Hotel discount includes savings that may exceed 50%. Averaging 10 –20% below best available rates, these below-market discounts are obtainable worldwide. Third and equally as powerful, Airline Packages and Airline Portal makes bundling ideal. There is an annual fee of $89.95 for this particular discount, but as an Ultimate Savings Highway member, it is included for free. This discount membership rewards people for bundling hotel and car rental. 

Two New Additional Discount Memberships Included
Going out to eat can be expensive. A restaurant savings membership also has been added. Members are capable of getting a $25 dinner for just 2 bucks. This is an amazing addition to the Savings Highway Ultimate Membership. Lastly, the new golf savings membership provides up to a 50% savings at your local golf course. 

Enhancement of Savings
The discounts mentioned are just a few of the multitude of benefits available. These advantages get even better as a member advances in their online business. The overhead will eventually balance itself out once commissions are earned. Being able to save without paying the cost to access discounts is truly a blessing for those who are in need of a financial solution. 

Don’t miss out on this valuable opportunity! Savings Highway may be the answer that you have been longing for. 

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