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Highlights of Marketing and Advertising Technology

Danny Meyer, the proud owner of across the globe including Union Square Café, Maialino and the Shake Shack released a book in 2008 names Setting the Table. Setting the table is an integral part of the restaurant’s DNA and the staff delivers the same. The book tells us how Danny’s restaurants are ahead of the competition. 

Most of the advertising and marketing firms are service business companies. However, a majority of them do not like to admit the same. As the multiples of a technology company are higher, so it is advantageous to portray oneself as a technology based business instead of service business. Someone has rightly said that technology acts as an enabler and this concept has proved itself right in a number of cases. Technology plays the role of an ace card for almost every business. Service is something which sets the tempo. Service plays a very important role of delivering experience to the customers. Service helps winning and maintaining healthy relationships. When KPIs are missed, it is service which apologizes to the client. Service is one important factor which brings in insertion orders every quarter. 

Many a times marketing and advertising companies hype facts. For instance, RocketFuel publicized that they will be hiring 300 new employees this year. The firms do this because they are signing business deals and they need to service these businesses. if you wish to find out more about how marketing and advertising oriented firms tout scale you can refer the various directory submission available on http://ipatch.org

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