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Arson Montana Releases Mix Tape “No Regrets,” a Culmination of His Skill and Prowess In a Variety of Hip Hop Genres

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, September 6, 2013 – Hip Hop artist Arson Montana is pleased to announce the arrival of his new mix tape, “No Regrets.” The mix tape is the artist's demonstration of his hip hop capabilities to the music community. Montana has several mix tapes release, however, this one is the first crafted to secure a global career.

“No Regrets” is meant to showcase Montana's skills to work within the variety of hip hop's sub genres. The tape features samples from popular artists Katy Perry, Madonna, 112 and James Brown. The goal is expose Montana's name and brand to the industry. Montana credits some of his musical aspirations growing up as The Lox, Biggie Smalls, Mase, Eninem, Jay-Z and local artist Major Figgas. The culmination of his experiences and interests has resulted in “No Regrets,” which he hopes shows his seriousness and commitment to music to the masses.  Montana bridges the divide between pop and radio-friendly and underground, with a blend of both types of music, shaped by his deep lyrics. 99% of the new tape features his talent and lyric writing ability.

Montana is the founder of independent music group MASADA MUSIC, which has a studio for every facet of entertainment from recording to photos and video. The company does their own mixing, mastering and production as well. “No Regrets” has an accompanying mix tape preloaded for Apple and Android operating systems.  Featuring tracks like “King,” Ain't Gone Stop” and “Higher,” “No Regrets,” the mix tape is a tour de force of lyrics, voice, and passion.

The mix tape is now available for streaming or downloading at the following link: http://www.datpiff.com/ARSON-MONTANA-No-Regrets-mixtape.522902.html

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