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Golf Channel Fails To Meet the Standards on the Anniversary of an Epic Speech

It was in the summer of the year 1963, that Martin Luther King Jr. ascended the steps of Lincoln memorial and delivered a speech in front of a huge crowd. His speech described a United States which he dreamt of after the demise of racism. This year, exactly 50 years after that historic speech, the Golf Channel tweeted “Tweet your ‘golf’ dream’”, it used the hashtag ‘#DreamDay’. 

The tweet was very soon deleted by Golf Channel. According to a Golf Channel spokesperson, the tweet was not appropriate and it was pulled within minutes of being posted on Twitter. The spokesperson also said that the intent was to commemorate this very important date in history and they regret that they failed to meet the standards. In this age, where marketing is all about real-time, where every brand aims to post a super tweet, some end up running into the news without giving ample attention to the context. It is a fact that not every brand can fit every moment, and Golf Channel has learned this lesson the hard way. 

To celebrate this important day in history Google used its doodle on the homepage. The doodle showed a king speaking to masses with the speech written in the background. On clicking the doodle, the user is redirected to a list of search results on the speech. If you wish to know how other brands commemorated this special day in the history of the world you can read the directory submission on http://e-expertsoft.com

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