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GPS Forex Robot 2 a scam? Should I try it. Read this first.

9 September, 2013: Human beings who trade forex for a living or as a source of supplemental income face many challenges.

One of these is that the emotions of fear and greed, along with physical challenges such as fatigue and hunger can cause even successful, experienced traders to make poor trading decisions.

Geography poses a challenge as well. The currency exchange market trades virtually around the clock, but there are peak trading hours that may be extremely inconvenient for much of the world’s population.

The above are reasons why many traders use the powerful MT4 platform combined with a forex robot to manage some or most of their trading. These forex system trading robots do the analysis to find which currency pairs offer the best potential, execute and manage trades, and then exit trades when the maximum profit potential of a winning trade is realized, or close losing trades before losses can get out of hand.

One such automated trading system is called GPS Forex Robot 2.

Here is a review of some of the key features and benefits.

One of the key features of this system is that it can be customized to individual trading styles. The benefit of this ability is that someone who likes short term trades is not locked into robotic settings that are more suitable for swing and longer term traders.

Another key feature to keep in mind in the evaluation process is how long the system has been back tested. GPS Forex Robot 2 has over six years of results that demonstrate that all the critical criteria for a trader, such as profit factor, win/lose percentage and drawdown percentage are exceptionally good.

Even though GPS Forex Robot 2 is adaptable to different trading styles, it focuses on short term price movements that provide a very high degree of probability of being right on price direction. This is a risk management technique that has stood the test of time not only in forex markets, but in other financial markets as well.

Another key feature of the robot is that the trading results must be verifiable. This robot has had its results published on Myfxbook.com, which is an independent forex service provider that millions of traders use to track their own trading results. Many traders are familiar with Myfxbook.com and the way users must provide Myfxbook.com with permission before their accounts can verified on the site. Users must provide their account number as part of the verification process. The most important aspect of this proof with regard to My Forex Robot 2 is that it shows that the results obtained were using real money, not simulated funds from a demo account.

GPS Forex Robot 2 has more than one Myfxbook.com verified trading accounts, too.

By all means, trading systems that make phenomenal claims should be avoided. The GPS Forex Robot 2 system has showed impressive growth, but makes no wild claims of immense short term profits. Some of the trading accounts have been trading for years and experiencing consistent growth.

This system also offers evidence of effectiveness in the form of letters from actual brokers, well known ones such as Alpari.

No trading system is infallible and a trading system that may be ideal for certain traders is not necessarily going to be as compatible with other traders. With this in mind, the entrepreneurs responsible for GPS Forex Robot 2 will refund the cost of the robot within 60 days of purchase for any reason. Not all trading systems do this.

To conclude, GPS Forex Robot 2 seems to be a legitimate offer, one that is backed by testing, independent verifiable results and enough confidence to offer refunds if the performance is not satisfactory.

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