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Hatsize Releases New Turnkey Microsoft Training Solution

Sept. 12, 2013: Representative with Hatsize announced today that by using its turnkey Microsoft labs hosted as a cloud service, its customers will now be able to offer hands-on Microsoft training courses without having to set up their own hardware. 

Hatsize, the leading cloud-based training lab provider for software and hardware products, which recently teamed up with SEO Pledge, a New York SEO company, has helped companies such as Juniper Networks, Oracle, Tivoli, and more benefit from its products and solutions. 

“We’re excited about our cloud-based hardware Infrastructure that is ready for global delivery,” a company spokesman said about the product that equips users with individualized Microsoft Lab Environments, where each student has his or her own learning environment. 

Hatsize provides training organizations with a turnkey, industry leading Microsoft lab solution including an industry leading Student Management System. 

“Use our new Lab View interface which gives instructors state-of-the-art online mentoring tools such as “single-click access” using thumbnails to quickly open an “over the shoulder” view of a student’s progress and take control of the student’s system for one-on-one instruction with a single click of the embedded controls while still in view mode,” the spokesman noted, before adding, “It has an easy-to-use, web-based learning portal, where everything students and instructors need for the hands-on Microsoft training is accessible online at any time.” 

Hatsize, which has delivered more than 2 million hours of cloud-based training labs for software and hardware products worldwide, according to company representatives, developed its latest product to where training organizations only need to provide a Microsoft Certified Instructor and Microsoft course content, which is downloadable from Microsoft.com . 

For more information, please visit: Microsoft training labs

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