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Like a lot of women around the world, and now men too, we are more aware of our aging skin condition, and for some of us as we become older the desire for those youthful vibrant looks increases.
For years women of the world have been using creams, lotions, potions and serums to reduce the signs of aging, not to mention the do it yourself Botox kits you can now buy over the counter.
Now there’s a “new product on the market.” It’s not a cream, potion, lotion or serum, you won’t even have to stick needles in your face to achieve that allusive youthful look.
So what is it I hear you ask? It’s a pillowcase! You heard me, “a pillowcase”, this one’s different though. It’s been invented by a man by the name of Jeffrey S Gabbay.
Jeffrey S Gabbay studied textile engineering and has a background in finance from the New York University. He has thirty years experience in high tech-fibres and textiles, a background which afforded this unique multi-faceted approach needed to develop this technology.
With a team of textile, mechanical engineers he has engineered, designed, built the pilot system and is now mass producing this and other cosmetic and deodorising products and selling them across Central and North America.
So how does it work? The cosmetic pillow case provides a gentle, non-invasive, and natural solution for dramatic restoration of the skin’s youthful look and glowing appearance.
While you sleep, copper ions woven into the fabric are activated by the moisture released from your body, beautifying the skin’s appearance, making it look smoother, more radiant and younger, while nourishing stressed, aging skin.
It is dermatologist tested and clinically proven to smooth and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet and other skin imperfections while you sleep.
In a recent Clinical Trial, Fifty-seven individuals, (55 women and two men), completed a 4 week, double blind, parallel, randomised clinical study.
The participants used either copper-oxide containing pillowcases or pillowcases not containing copper-oxide (the “placebo control pillow cases”). Photographs were taken by a professional photographer of each participant at three times: The beginning (baseline) of the Trial, and at 2 and 4 weeks after the commencement of the Trial.
The test results show there was a statistically significant reduction of the appearance of facial wrinkles and crows feet/fine lines and statistically significant improvement in the texture and general (or overall) appearance of facial skin when consistently sleeping for 4 weeks on 0.4% (weight/weight) copper-oxide containing pillowcases versus the placebo control pillowcases.
In most trial participants, this statistically significant effect was already noticeable within 2 weeks of using the copper-oxide containing pillowcases.
Not only does this company product these Copper infused satin pillowcases, but they also produce a range of other anti-aging, youth enhancing products like the:
Copper infused Eye Masks that remove lines and wrinkles Effortlessly!
Sleep soundly as your skin’s beauty revives itself with the help of a copper-oxide infusion, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and crows feet while you sleep.
And the:
Copper infused Gloves, Having younger beautiful hands has Never been simpler!
These gloves improve the appearance of blemishes, fine lines and wrinkles on your skin. Our skin appearance enhancing gloves will reverse the look of wear and tear that your hands feel after a long day at home, at work, or with the kids. Start your hands’ second chance at a new life with these gloves.
"I was given a pillow case as a present. I must admit I thought it was a load of rubbish, BUT IT’S NOT the products really work. The first thing I noted was my hair is softer, a few days later I found my skin was softer and after three weeks the laughter lines round my eyes are gone (I refuse to call them wrinkles). The only problem I have is learning to sleep on both sides, so my face is equal and not looking older on one side…
As an added bonus the arthritis pain in my shoulder has reduced by 90% without having to wear a copper bracelet and turning green. I now have the eye mask and the socks as well and they do what they say, there will no more stinky feet!!!!!! and it’s all without costly cosmetics and chemicals…
All my family and friends will be getting these products for birthdays and Christmas WHAT A WAY TO GO GREEN"… Eve Hayes
"In the last 2 months I have purchased goods. My first purchase 2 months ago was the Copper Infused pillowcase which I have used regularly. Since using it I have found that the look and feel of my facial skin has improved, looking more radiant and feeling much softer. The skin around my eyes has improved and the lines faded...
I also noticed this winter that I didn’t have the usual dry patches on my face which I usually suffer from during the winter months. I then went on to purchase the Copper lined eye mask which has worked wonders to clear the allergic reactions my eyes have to certain substances and conditions. Over night my eyes feel cool and fresh...
I have also worn the socks which have helped to reduce pains I suffer in my foot from a previous injury. I would strongly recommend these Copper Infused products to anyone - it's a fantastic discovery!"… Hazel from CO. Mayo
“What a wonderful surprise when the Copper Infused Pillowcases arrived this morning and to find your lovely gift of the Gloves. You must be mind readers as I was thinking I might try them next!
My nails are silkier and hands a little softer from wearing the gloves. Changes around the eyes are more subtle but my skin feels and looks better…
Thanks. I'll continue to use and recommend your products to my friends...” Cecily Kennedy
‘‘Fantastic’’ pillowcase reduce wrinkles
A new bed linen technology that irons out facial wrinkles is a "fantastic discovery"… Silentnight.co.uk
“I can honestly say the copper-infused technology… is truly revolutionary and lives up to its promise of effectively renewing the skin during sleep”… Dr. Yael Halaas, a renowned Board-certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon based in New York City.
“Can a cushion cover combat crow’s feet? We put it to the test.
The company claims that it’s all down to the copper oxide embedded in the fibres of the pillowcase. Apparently, the moisture your skin produces while you sleep activates the copper which stimulates production of collagen.
Codswallop, we hear you say! We thought so too, but three weeks is all it took to convince us otherwise. By the fourth we’d sworn never to sleep on another pillow again.”
“Talk about beauty sleep…” Vitamindaily.com
All of these proven cutting edge products including the Night Beauty Package, which consists of:
Night Beauty Package:
Two Copper infused Satin Pillowcases, One pair of Copper Infused Gloves and One Copper Infused Eye Mask.
When used consistently are proven to reduce wrinkles fine lines and crows feet. One thing though, the use of fabric softener may decrease the effectiveness of the copper yarn over time, so it’s recommended that you wash without fabric conditioner.
Further information is available from Michael McQuillan who distributes these Copper Infused Products throughout Ireland and the UK. He can be contacted at +353 59 914 2831 to ask for the free information pack about the Night Beauty Pack.
Michael McQuillan also has a dedicated web site featuring these products, to receive your Full Copy of the Clinical Trial Results visit: http://www.nightbeautypack.com

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