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Gap Africa Projects Course on How to Handle Big Cats Easily and Efficiently

18 September, 2013: Gap Africa Projects, one of the major organisers of volunteer projects in Africa, is offering a programme for the most efficient way of gaining veterinary work experience. This two-week stint at the Shamwari Game Reserve in Africa involves the close monitoring and care of the reserve’s big cats, such as the leopards, lions and tigers. The programme is perfect for those who are having their gap year or sabbatical year and what is more, the two-week stint can be extended to include other aspects of conservation work that the volunteer feels they may be interested in. These other aspects include ranger-training, game monitoring and even working in the local African communities. 

Spending time at a genuine African game reserve such as the Shamwari offers a well-rounded veterinary work experience. The wild animals are in their natural habitat and exhibiting their natural behaviour, making this the real deal. Learning how to deal with big cats can be tricky in any situation and trying to gain experience in more clinical settings, such as in a zoo, may be lacking in terms of actual hands-on experience and the necessary exposure to certain challenging situations. In the field there is the added opportunity to handle different species of big cats, each with its own specific behaviour that the intern must understand. Leopards, for example, are nocturnal and work on their own, while lions work in groups and knowing these vital behavioural facts is important when working out there in the wild. 

Created by pioneer Nicholas Christie, Gap Africa Projects gives people an opportunity not only to travel safely through Africa, but also to make a positive contribution to its development and the conservation of endangered species. Gap Africa Projects is one of the UK’s leading organisers of Africa tours and gap year stints and the company’s two-pronged mission is to provide people who are on sabbatical leave or a gap year with a deeply meaningful way to experience the excitement and beauty of the continent. Those who are seeking excellent veterinary work experience may choose among the company’s several current gap year projects. 

About Company: 

Established by people with a deep passion for Africa and its welfare, Gap Africa Projects consists of a team of individuals who share that same passion and are very knowledgeable about the continent and its environment. It specialises in gap year projects, catering particularly to individuals seeking great veterinary work experience. For more information about the company, please visit the website at: http://www.gapafricaprojects.com/ . 

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