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HMS Plumbing Recommends Copper Plumbing Pipes For Safety And Durability

HMS Plumbing, the company that residents and commercial establishments in northern Virginia go to when they need a reliable and low-cost provider of plumbing services, highly recommends the use of copper plumbing pipes, especially if the homeowner can afford it. A company spokesperson asserted copper’s many advantages over other materials, citing its excellent workability and durability. 

Foremost among the advantages of copper pipes is the easy workability and durability of the metal that is relatively softer than steel, and not as brittle as plastic. Traditional professional plumbers use copper pipes because of their ability to easily bend, which makes them easy to install, even around corners. The metal’s malleability also means fewer connectors or fixtures are needed, which in turn ensures fewer places in the plumbing system where leaks can occur. 

Moreover, HMS Plumbing cites copper’s innate ability to resist bacteria. This is because the metal is bacteriostatic, an advantage that is sorely lacking in more modern materials, such as plastic. There is also no lead involved in the manufacture of copper pipes, which means no risk of lead-related poisoning. Perhaps the greatest advantage of copper is its sheer durability. It is so durable and resistant to corrosion, as well as UV rays, and is the only plumbing material with a manufacturer-backed warranty of up to fifty years. 

However, there is one minor caveat with using copper plumbing pipes and that is that it can only be used in installations fed by municipal water supplies. This water is already treated, whereas untreated water from wells is often too acidic for copper. 

Founded on the principle of transparency in terms of work assessment and service fees, HMS Plumbing has more than a decade of experience in providing excellent professional services to home and commercial establishments in northern Virginia. It is considered one of the most reliable plumbing companies in the state and has a sterling track record of consistently ensuring customer satisfaction. 

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When it comes to the most efficient, professional plumbing services, HMS Plumbing is among the best providers of high-quality and reasonably priced plumbing services in northern Virginia. For further information about the company, please visit the website at: http://www.hmsplumbing.com . 

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