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This Is What Keeps Shopperfrolics Ahead of The Competition

Shopperfrolics deals only with funny cards and gifts for those of a certain age, although it would be impossible for younger people not to laugh at the marvellous cartoon characters depicted throughout the entire stock. 

The range of cards is immense, and includes Spring Chicken and Camilla Rose cards for all occasions, as well as the ever popular Spring Chicken funny birthday cards. It is not only cards that can be found at Shopperfrolics as they have a great selection of all kinds of gifts such as novelty cooking aprons, drink coasters, fridge magnets all with one thing in common, and that is that they will all cause every person to smile and laugh. 

New additions to the range include hand bag mirrors, and a new range of very funny stationery, with note paper and envelopes that will turn any grey day into a sunny one. 

There is no point in sending a letter to a friend of loved one in a boring plain sheet of paper when instead you can make them happy with the new hilarious paper from Shopperfrolics. Another wonderful addition is the mirth making mugs and drink coasters set on a matching tray. 

One of the most existing new ideas for gifts are the new latte mugs which when used for your morning coffee start the day of in the best day possible, and that is with a huge belly laugh. However although the characters appearing on many of the funny greeting cards such as Camilla and Rose are of course not real, they remind us of many true life characters, especially when they reach the age of fifty plus. Camilla and Rose are two very close and long term friends who like most of us struggle to keep away from tempting calorie laden food, only to give in to the tempting chocolate cakes, and biscuits. Also like most of us, Camilla and Rose have been charmed, often to the disadvantage, by sweet but totally unsuitable men, while at the same time they worry about their fading looks 

Anyone visiting the Shopperfrolics, online store will immediately be cheered up when they look at all the funny greeting cards and gift ideas. Not only will they feel glad by the gifts and cards they see online, but also by the very affordable prices of all the items. Every month there are a large number of discounts on offer, and there is free shipping on all offers over £30 which makes Shopperfrolics a very tempting place in which to shop. 

Shopperfrolics is situated in one of the most beautiful areas in Great Britain that is in the Cotswolds countryside, and more precisely just outside the glorious town of Chipping Norton. 

It is nice to think that the best online funny greeting cards and gifts online stores is not only wonderful but is also based in such a splendid position in the country. 

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