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New Website Simplifies Search For Shuttle Direct Airport Transfers

A new website for skiing holidaymakers in Europe has made the process of finding transfers easier by listing services from local companies such as Shuttle Direct. With public transportation becoming more inconvenient for tourists, the website helps to quickly find a good deal for journeys from the airport to the ski resort.

The website has been set up to quickly indentify routes from travellers and then communicate those requests to local transfer companies such as Shuttle Direct. It has listings from all over Europe, with quick quotes available from companies once the destination has been selected by the customer. The website is completely free of charge, and ensures that skiers get the best possible deal for their money.

This comes in response to the lack of frequent, convenient routes for travellers to get to their ski resort: once they leave the airport they face issues of expensive travel, along with finding a taxi or other form of transport which can handle them and their luggage. When travelling in large groups this can be even more of a problem. The website works in tandem with operators to help people travelling in large groups find deals on shared transfers, meaning travellers get their price reduced whilst vehicles can have empty seats filled. This system is also more ecologically minded, as fewer cars on the road are a lot better for the environment.

A spokesman for the company has said that the reason for setting up the shared transfers feature has to do with the fact that private transfers for passengers travelling on their own are no longer a viable option. The benefits of the deal go beyond financial and environmental factors, since arriving at a place you have never been before can be difficult, and the shared transfer feature offered by companies like Shuttle Direct allows skiers to get to know each other in the first few hours after arrival.

About Shuttle Direct:

Shuttle Direct operate safe, reliable and affordable shared or private taxi shuttle services from airports to cities, hotels and ski resorts across Europe. Contact them at http://www.shuttledirect.com/en/php/airport_shuttle_direct.php .

Contact Details:
Viajes Alameda / Shuttle Direct
vía Emilio Ortuño, 15
Benidorm Center Building
E03501 Alicante
0870 735 0369

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