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An association with a vision to promote and establish a bridge with aspiring technical developers.

For the very first time a group of technical people have come forward for a cause i.e growth of information and know-how for a technology named as DATAWAREHOUSING.

Data Warehouse Association also known as DWAI (www.dwai.org) is dedicated toward establishment of a platform for the new aspiring techno wizards who wish to make a career in the technology.

Data Warehouse is a technology which is required and needed in all industry verticals yet it does not have a dedicated training processes laid down or a standard set of programs for new candidates.

We at DWAI are here for a cause to establish and bridge the gap with new analysts to the industry, with our associate and privilege members at positions in top corporates have regular requirements and needs for such talented executives, yet they do not have a program which will enable them to clinch these position either due to lack of training or lack of information.

We provide both a standard training module and also an opportunity to create for themselves new avenues of growth in the various industry verticals.

How does DWAI function?

The answer to the question is fairly simple- We work with industry heavy weight to put down on paper a program or the important information and knowledge a candidate needs to know if he has to make a mark in the DW/BI market, making all the findings as benchmarks with over 350 highly established DW/BI consultants over decades of DW/Bi experience, we have set some standards for the training modules with excellent Assignments and knowledge ladder.

Our DW gurus as we call them guide new aspirants online, and give mentorship also to answers to there questions and information of the market as and when required.

In the past we were working with groups to understand the needs of DW technologies, we did seminars in Management colleges, Engineering institutions where we laid down the needs and importance of the Technology, but the most important fact lies that there has been never an initiative to spread the news of importance for the technology even as it is the highly demanded staffing requirement in the modern day business running in all domains like : Telecommunications, retail, FMCG, Pharmaceutical, hospitality, Online portals, and all different industry verticals…..

It can be easily called the only TECHNOLOGY which is required virtually in all industries across the globe.

The requirements are not growing as they were always there, so our main motto is to inform, aware, educate and nurture new talented candidates who want to grow in this TECHNOLOGY.

Please log on to www.dwai.org for all your answers to the modern day heavy weight in TECHNOLOGY known as “DATA WAREHOUSE” or “BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE” or “INFORMATION INTELLIGENCE”.

Thank you

“Awareness for all”

Contact us: info@dwai.org

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