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Queen Rania Center for Entrepreneurship Shares Experience with Milan Chamber of Commerce

Milan Chamber of commerce last week hosted a regional conference, the aim of which is exploration of communication opportunities, business development, and ways and means of supporting emerging companies, particularly in the spheres of media and digital technology. The conference singled itself out by inviting Arab and European professionals to talk about the available mutual opportunities for emerging companies in Jordan and Italy with the purpose of increasing the technical and marketing capabilities of both countries.

In their conference speeches, Engineer Mohammad Khawaja, the Executive Director of QRCE, Mr. Mohammad Abdullah, Dubai Media City Manager, and Mr. Abdul-Latif As-Sayigh, the New Media Company Executive Director, tackled the new trends in the media, the Internet, and ways of boosting emerging companies competitiveness through providing the necessary environment that guarantees expansion. They also gave a summary of various success stories in both the Arab World and Italy.

Khawaja focused, in his speech, on the significance and manner of transferring technology and innovation into economic opportunities, and also briefed the audience on the achievements of several Jordanian small and medium-size companies. He also stressed the importance of creativity by saying, “Innovation in the business sector is a basic means of establishing differentiation among companies in the 21st century, whereas in the 20th century quality and the lowest price was the determining factor in distinguishing companies from each other,” he added, “for more than two years, we, at the QRCE, have worked to initiate a specialized branch at the Center to be concerned with the provision of courses and consultations on methodological creativity and innovation in a step to create the competitive edge on the international scale and with the least possible expenses to both big and emerging companies.”

The conference has also highlighted the World Economic Opportunities Program which seeks the creation of companies by multi-national entrepreneurs, and the Program’s aim of training a pioneering group of young men from Jordan, Argentine, and South Africa to launch international companies. The Jordanians participating in the conference enjoyed the pleasure of meeting with Queen Rania where she was briefed on their project ideas. She furnished the participants with her recommendations to further their entrepreneurial spirit.
The event concluded by talking on Jordanian emerging companies that realized international acclaim in a short period of time after having benefited from the services and programs provided by the QRCE, the most prominent of which are the Queen Rania National Entrepreneurship competition (QRNEC), the Made In Jordan Competition (MIJC), and the Student Entrepreneurship Society (DART).

Noteworthy, the QRCE is one of the region’s first establishments to offer consultations and courses on methodological innovation, which is a branch of science based on the review of existing innovations and patents, in order to generate new, scientific methods and means that help to accelerate the innovation wheel, and increase the creativity volume of the companies sector, which, in turn, would promote the value of products and services rendered by such companies.


About Queen Rania Center for Entrepreneurship (QRCE): The Queen Rania Center for Entrepreneurship (QRCE) is a not-for-profit & non-governmental organization. Established in October 2004 and located at the El Hassan Science City, Jubaiha. Its mission is to support economic growth by providing an array of services in entrepreneurship development and technology commercialization through the several programs conducted by QRCE such as: Queen Rania National Entrepreneurship Competition (QRNEC), Technology Commercialization Program (TCP), CONNECT JORDAN, and the student Entrepreneurship society (DART). The QRCE is sponsored by Jordan Dubai Capital, Jordan Commercial Bank, Optimiza, Orange, Royal Jordanian Airlines, Jordan Business Magazine, and Google.

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