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Growinfinance.com: This is a tough moment in the markets but we believe there are still lots of opportunities out there

Growinfinance.com was published on March 09’ and was created to offer the best career opportunities to financial sector professionals, by providing an advanced search facility for a wide range of employment opportunities and specialised courses.

We would say that Growinfinance.com offers a different business model from most of the existing job boards, as all financial companies can advertise job offers for FREE and with no limits. Growinfinance.com thinks that by not limiting jobs publication to companies, users will have a better chance to find the right opportunity. ‘Companies have the chance to buy our services by highlighting their profile within a specialised website like ours, but they don’t need to pay to advertise a job and receive applicants’ ‘Our philosophy is: the more specialised job offers we have the higher is the user satisfaction level, so the website reputation grows’. “However, our website offers much more than a high number of specialized job offers. The job board is an efficient tool that optimises search time and results. Furthermore, users can make a visible CV to companies, so companies can find the profile and contact the candidate directly”, says a Managing Director at Growinfinance.com

And continues, ‘This is a tough moment in the markets but we believe there are still lots of opportunities out there. So for those who wish to search opportunities in the financial markets, many companies are still healthy and hiring; alternatively, for others it is a good time to develop your skills and enhance your qualifications by studying in a Business School. By taking a sabbatical to study you can then return to the job market with a stronger profile. This is the reason we have decided to offer candidates a combined option: job and courses search. We have contacted the top business schools within Europe and offered them FREE course advertisement, so all our users can explore all their options’

Growinfinance.com currently operates in Europe, US and Asia.

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