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Is Skyda 8 the right choice? If, so from where to buy?

San Francisco, CA: Undoubtedly, today is the world of high-tech smokers and portable vaporizers is the new trend. From portable to big-n-bulky, the vape pens are available in wholesome price ranges from 30$ to over 500$. Being a healthy alternative, the use of vaporizers has raised dramatically in the last 5 years.

The vaporizer pen Skyda 8 is the hot air from the house of Skyda Technology Co. Is this portable pen, a right choice? If so, why and from where you can buy the authentic product.

About Skyda 8

The Skyda 8 is a 3 in 1 pen vaporizer to satisfy the smoking needs. What make it perfect for stealth use are its handiness, discreetness and compact size. Whether, it’s the dry herbs, e-juices or the wax, everything works with it. It is powered by a rechargeable battery using a USB cable. It comes all packed in a black box with all the necessary accessories like battery, charger, etc. The locking and unlocking system is amazing.


Why makes Skyda 8, the right choice?

Just because it cut the wholesome quotient of life-threatening carcinogens, it is an amazing alternative to smoking, producing clean inhale of the elements. Usually, THC is the real active ingredient of herbs. The good part of THC is that its vaporization point is lower than other combustion materials that means getting only the good parts to inhale.


Cannabis are expensive, right so why would you wanna waste? Using Skyda 8 means utilizing the dried herbs properly to its fullest potential, which implies wastage prevention. Well, it’s not just about saving money, you can genuinely feel good to fact, by exposing yourself to the good part only, you are saving your lungs as well.


People, no matter how cheap or how expensive the product is, we like multi-utility or the versatility. So, if you are searching for a multipurpose and a versatile, then definitely this is the right choice which works great with the dry herbs as well as hash butane oil and the wax oil.


Well, the size is seriously another commendable benefit of Skyda 8. Furthermore, it is vaporizer with very-compact size which easily pits in pocket, easy hand heldness and subtle looks. It heats up in no time, its super-fast abilities to heat up the concentrate and cast vapor eliminates the element of weight. It can reach upto 410 C in mere 15 secs, isn’t it amazing? Using the clearomizers, this portable pen fashions large vapor clouds.


Well, that is not end that, this vape pen has got some amazingly positive reviews. And we all know, only a good product can reap good reviews.



How to use Skyda 8?

The using procedure is different on the basis of concentrate used.  

Preparation of vaporizer for wax

Attach the heating element with the battery unit. While maintaining the position of concentrate chamber upright, fill it with the wax. Thereafter, male end needs to be tipped onto the oil chamber. Hold the power button till the time wax melts after inserting heating element into the drip tip.   


See the Video Here.


Preparation for Oil

Just fill in with the oil and press the power button, no drip tip is needed.


From where to buy?

Amazingly, there are a number of providers which can provide you Skyda 8, but when you need only the legitimate product at affordable prices, the only place to contact is:

Contact: John Brown

Company: Rasta Vapes 

Address: 1420 Bay St, San Francisco CA 94123

Website: http://www.rastavapes.com/

Email: sales@rastavapes.com

Tel. No.: 1-415-315-6042

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