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FDA Approved Coolsculpting Treatment Now Available at The Skin Clinic

The Skin Clinic Sevenoaks is delighted to bring patients the innovative and revolutionary Coolsculpting technology. With the availability of this fat reduction technology, people of all ages and gender can get rid of their unwanted fat without surgery. Coolsculpting is a brand new treatment that has taken the US by storm, and it is the only fat reduction machine that is approved by the FDA to be used for the removal of fat from the body without undergoing any surgery. 

With Coolsculpting, patients can expect both a safe and effective fat reduction treatment. To the delight of many, the results of this treatment are permanent. This fat reduction treatment involves the precision cooling of fat cells on the body, it causes them to freeze and then die. The treatment can take place in an hour and has no downtime. 

The results of the treatment can be seen within a few weeks and best results are usually seen from 6 to 8 weeks after treatment. Patients can expect to lose almost 25% of excess fat on treated areas after undertaking the treatment, and eventually lose all excess fat on these areas after 8 weeks. 

As mentioned earlier, Coolsculpting is a safe fat removal treatment requiring no surgery. During the treatment procedure, the physician applies a gel pad on the skin as protection. The Coolsculpting machine is positioned over the desired part of the body to be treated. The doctors of the company are trained to handle the Coolsculpting applicator, and patients can expect that they can handle the machine well. 

Unlike liposuction that sucks the fat out from the body, Coolsculpting treatment works by allowing the body to eliminate fat cells through the lymphatic drainage system. Over a period of several months, these fat cells will be gradually secreted by the body in different waste forms. 

Unlike regular fat loss treatments that require surgery, Coolsculpting does not require anesthesia. During the treatment at the clinic, patients can even use their cell phones, laptops, tablets, read a book or even watch a movie. The only discomfort that patients may feel during treatment is the sensation of squeezing or pinching on the fat, when the machine is applied for the first time. However, the feeling disappears as the treatment proceeds. 

Many patients who have undergone the treatment are noticing results in just three weeks after the operation. However, much of the result will be seen after two months from taking the treatment. 

For more information about Coolsculpting treatment, visit http://www.theskinclinic.org.uk/coolsculpt-essex-kent . 

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