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134.2kHz Animal Bio-Glass Tube RFID Tag with an Injector

Toronto, Canada – GAO RFID Asset Tracking Inc. (www.GAORFIDAssetTracking.com) recommends its low frequency (LF) RFID tag, a bio-glass tag pre-loaded with a sterilized injector sealed in plastic for use in animal tracking. This LF tag is designed for injection under an animal’s skin and is an ideal solution for identification of pets registered in a database. The bio-glass tube RFID tag has a lifespan of more than thirty years. The tag is pre-encoded and shipped with corresponding 2D bar code labels that generally contain a fifteen digit code and which are preset with the user’s country code. This enables the user to inject the animal and then place the self adhesive bar-code sticker to documentation for that animal.
This Model 112004 RFID tag’s injection chamber and apparatus use a specialized structure to avoid pre-injection needle caps and cavity loss and contaminated needles or chips. The shape and size of the injection needle are based on ergonomic design providing easy and reliable operation.
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