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Sales Training: Effective Selling Strategies in a Recession’

Sales Training: Effective Selling Strategies in a Recession’
Is it the recession or your Sales peoples’ Process & Activities?
(Learn to ‘Sell More! Achieve More!! Earn More!!!’)

30th June 09: Sales Training India, the leaders in Sales & Customer Service Training Programs serving some of the top most names in India, Middle East & SE Asia have now launched a new program: “Effective Selling Strategies in the Recession”

In a serious recession, learning how to keep on selling will be vital. Sales training could well be the key.
Now is not the time to be panicking. Now is the time to be checking your sales peoples’ activities, sharpening their sales training and applying solid sales principles.

Having a highly effective sales process is more important than ever!
They must be able to efficiently find and identify the high probability prospects. They must be able to work with them on the basis of mutual trust, mutual respect and mutual commitments.

The program is suitable for anyone relatively new to selling, as well as, the more experienced ones, who wish to refresh or fine tune their existing skills in line with today’s’ recessionary need for a more consultative or relationship building approach.
The program using a very practical approach covers right from the difference between ‘hard sell’ & ‘consultative’ approach, through the buying & selling process, with how & why people buy, through the core part of the session…ie; the 6 steps of a professional call, covering right from the preparation stage through the close.
At the end of the program participants would have gained a full understanding of both the buying & selling processes including the importance of being well organized. And most importantly… over the period of the course, participants would have worked through the six step sales process, practicing the skills at each stage, so that their selling skills are developed & reinforced; while also working on selling (their own) products/services, making the role-plays very realistic & practical, while learning to adjust their Sales Process to the new recessionary environment.

Sales Training India also offers other programs for Corporates, such as Complaints Handling & Customer Retention, Customer Service Skills, Negotiation Skills, Presentation Skills, Profession Selling Skills for Media, Retail, Pharma, Banking & Finance Sector etc, Managerial & Leadership Skills to name a few.

More details on all of our programs can be seen on: www.SalesTrainingIndia.com or Call our 24Hr Hotline: 091 94440 365days 24Hrs

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