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Buy LED lights from Dealightstore at affordable prices

The United States of America; 12/11/2013: The online source for lighting products, Dealightstore, is a one-stop store to buy various LED products such as LED tapes. Dealight is one of the leading business to consumer Chinese e-commerce that exports LED lights. Its products are considered among the best in the World and it sells them at really affordable prices. Online purchase of LED lights from Dealight can save anywhere between 10% and 70%. In fact, it is cheaper than even eBay. Dealightstore is so confident about its ‘best price’ that it claims to pre-emptively match the price of any other provider, if found cheaper than it. The company even offers free delivery to select regions. 

There are more than 2,000 products, including flexible LED strip, across nearly 40 categories. Dealightstore is one of such ecommerce site that seems to acknowledge and anticipate reality as it assures to provide all kinds of lighting. It also specifies that it can arrange from its sources in case of unavailability of the desired product. However, it does not boasts of such extended services but puts effort to remain competitive. Periodic optimisation of shipping process can be seen as evidence of the effort to provide improved service to customers. Ordered goods are usually delivered by airmail for free but not to select locations. 

Dealightstore may not be alone but certainly one of the few to maintain extremely affordable prices without compromising on the quality of their products. Every item, whether it is LED strip light or any other in 40 categories, goes through 3 standard quality control processes before it is shipped. Moreover, 2-year guarantee is also offered on each product. The team of trained customer service professionals responds to all queries and concerns that are raised by prospective customers or clients. Dealight maintains response window of 6 hours but the live chat feature can be used for immediate communication. Other modes of contacting the customer service department are email as well as official Twitter and Facebook links. 

Competitive discount is offered on LED strip light, LED tape and all other products to dropship and wholesale customers. Besides, different kinds of promotions and discounts are offered to general customers to maintain the lowest price in the market. Such provisions reflect on the increasing number of sales, which comprises of hundreds and thousands of high-quality and famous merchandise brands. Interestingly, Dealight does not maintain any minimum-order mark. Prospective customers can straightaway register to the site with their email addresses and purchase any number lighting products. Like all the popular and trusted ecommerce sites, Dealight also maintain strict security for critical customer information. It is also important to note that LED tape and flexible LED strip have become very popular due to their versatility. They can serve diverse purposes from decoration to emergency/crime-marking . 

About Dealightstore: 

URL: dealightstore.com 

Dealightstore is a Chinese business-to-consumer ecommerce site that provides wide range of lighting products at wholesale or extremely affordable price. It offers free shipment to many places and 2-year guarantee on its products.

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