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Local Music Enthusiast Creates a Series Of Free Mobile Apps To Help The Beginning Musician

03 December, 2013: The Apps, called “Music Wormholes” are a tool that Noddings says can provide a shortcut to “the musical universe.” Scrolling through a clocklike wheel, you begin with simple chord diagrams for your instrument of choice, (presently there are Apps for Guitar, Ukulele, and Piano). Not only do these graphics inform you of the names of the notes and chords, they can also be played by a simple touch of the screen. As you travel further into these Apps, you can see the basic chords in a common key, and how they relate to each other. An option to select a series of chords and play them back is handy to hear how they sound together. 

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Noddings started playing an instrument after discovering the Santa Cruz Ukulele Club playing on the beach in front of the Crowsnest restaurant on a Saturday morning. He was immediately interested to take part. That was eight years ago. Four years ago he started attending Cabrillo College’s music department to further his music education and now he is pleased to offer something back to the music community.

Music Wormholes

“Our mission is a happy world, “ the Music Wormhole website states. “Our strategy is to help as many people as possible to play a musical instrument.” 

“I want to bring music to as many people as possible around the world, “Paul states. “In my studies at Cabrillo College, I recognized the need for a reference tool, both online and in physical form, to help the beginning musician learn what I have been learning.“ 

“I was drawn to the joy of playing music in a group and I want to help as many people as possible to feel this joy which is why our Apps are free to download.” 

Kickstarter campaign has been started in order to improve these Apps. Long term improvements which are planned include making these Apps for more instruments and for other mobile platforms, such as the Android platform. To do these developments, Music Wormhole needs your support on Kickstarter. 

For Media Contact:
Paul Noddings
(831) 457-2336
Email: info@musicwormhole.com
Website: www.musicwormhole.com

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