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Volume, newly launched Music Networking Script

Agriya Infoway, a Chennai based Software Company, announced its latest software release earlier today with the presentation of Volume, a software package allowing webmasters to launch their own social music platform.

Traditionally social networks like MySpace have been most popular among music lovers online, but the recent shift towards mainstream social networking and the growing fragmentation of music genres have created the need for more niche oriented music websites. Volume software aims to bridge this gap and offer the possibility for one to start a specialized music platform with the new software.

Though Volume boosts various social networking features, the script is designed with one particular mission in head: maximizing exposure for artists, bands, record labels and other music inspired communities. ‘We have focused on the needs of musicians and bands online, as Volume is 100% focused on music and offers artists a way to gain exposure and even sell music online’, says Aravind, CEO of Agriya.

In Volume, bands and artists create their own personalized webpage to announce gigs, receive feedback from fans or make mp3’s available for download. Both musicians and webmasters can monetize by selling the mp3’s online and earn additional income. On the other hand music lovers can become fans of their favorite bands and connect with like minded on the platform.

The company from Chennai has high expectations for this new release and counts on the growing online music business to attract customers for their new product. Moreover, for musicians and bands who abandoned commercialized music platforms, targeted niche platforms could be the next big thing as alternative ways to gain exposure and maybe even fame.

Author’s bio: www.agriya.com is the website of a company that offers “kootali” – a Purevolume clone. All necessary details are available on the website.
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