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Wartune wish you Merry Christmas and Wartune Breaking News

30, December 2014: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! The old year has passed away quietly and the new one is waiting for your creativity. Do you have any wishes for the coming year? Who do you want to send your best wishes to? Just leavethese wishes on our Wartune Facebook fan page!


We will randomly choose twenty people who sent us their wishes and information (Server and Character Name)and we will send them rewards. The winners will be announced on the Wartune Community page and the rewards will be sent within three days via the in-game mail.

Free RPG Games Online Wartune

Duration: 12/22/2014- 12/28/2014

Blessed Angel Wings x1
99 Roses x1
Red Nosed Reindeer x2






Thanks for your participation, we look forward to hearing your scintillating comments!

Wartune Breaking News - Dimensional War

The land is faced with a devastating scarcity of resources as warriors swarm the country looking for rewards, honor, and glory. The gods look to unlock new dimensions of unlimited resources, where warriors will either survive the challenge and bring back what is needed or die in their attempts. March on, heroes. Conquer these new dimensions and reap the rewards!


Required Level – Lvl. 55+

How to Join

Once your character has reached level 55 and completed the main quest“Talk to Lycus” they will receive the dimension coordinates. You may use the coordinates to teleport to one of the dimensions through your city’s Mystic’s Gate.


Event Introduction
• There are six types of dimensions: Water, Fire, Electro, Wind, Light and Dark. Each dimension has four different qualities: Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and Expert. Different dimensions yield different rewards.
• Use dimension coordinates to activate a gateway to a dimension and use your city’s Mystic’s Gate to teleport there.


Event Rewards
• Dimension War provides many rare items including Sylph Equipment, enhancement materials and Bound Balens.
• Occupying a dimension will yield character Resistance and Resistance Reduction attributes.
• Conquered dimensions yield rich daily rewards. All rewards will be sent to the conqueror by in-game mail.

Event Rules
• Players consume Dimensional War Energy to explore the unknown area. The right type of Resistance can decrease the energy consumed for each movement within the area. A certain amount of Dimensional War Energy can be purchased every day. War Energy resets everyday at 5:00 (Server Time).
• There are many constructions in each section. Occupy all the constructions to occupy that section. Occupy all the sections on one dimension to occupy the whole dimension and earn great rewards.
• Each dimension has its own lifespan. When its lifespan reaches 0, the dimension disappears. Players may use Dimensional Essence to prolong the duration of the dimension. Higher quality dimensions have a longer lifespan.
• Once a dimension’s progress reaches 100%, players can rename it.
• If your character dies in the Dimensional War, God’s Redemption is required to revive them.It will be accumulated over time.

Can you guess where you can get the latest news about Wartune, besides the official website and the Facebook fan page? That’s right,on Twitter! Wartunejoined Twitter inDecember, 2014! For the latest Wartune news and for the chance to interact with lots of other players, please follow our Twitter account! @Wartune_Online


Thanks for your participation! We look forward to hearing your comments!

Wartune Official Website: http://www.wartune.com/
Wartune Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/Wartune

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