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The Global Cues For The U.S. Dollar In The Forex Market

The U.S. dollar entered the fourth week of the April on a weak note. The U.S. economic data made it eminently clear that the Federal Reserve is not to hike the interest rate in the near future. The concerns of debt of Greece’s took a toll on the Euro. The economic data made it eminently clear that the Federal Reserve is not to hike the interest rate in the near future. The concerns of debt of Greece’s took a toll on the euro.
The data released on the weekend before the markets closed suggests that the economy is yet under pressure and trying hard to rebound. The U.S. business investment spending has been on straight fall and has seen a decline for seven months in a row.
The US Treasuries continued to ride the rally across the soft curve as the markets pushed back the much-awaited FOMC announcements for the rate hike for the first time this year. The data clearly signifies that the Federal reserves will not be signalizing any forthcoming cues to bolt the weakness. The cues were derived from the data that was released on Friday from the FOMC meeting that commenced on Tuesday.
The rate hike is now being expected by a few in the month of June while most are anticipating the same by the end of the year.
While the last trade off session that ended on Friday was choppy as the ForEx market reacted to the Greece IFO cues the iron ore prices became a support for the AUD in the Asian markets. The AUD gained while the USD weakened by five and a half percent.
The major US stocks and securities surged in the initial trade. The optimistic cues from better than expected earnings of the technology organizations helped the tech stocks perform. However, the European equities continued to color the charts in black.
As the Asian markets continue to show the promise of performance, the US FDI in Asian markets has continued to grow. The Asian rupee against the USD continues to fall and is expected to fall a further more by the end of this week.
The oil prices have created a lot of impact on the Asian markets, even though the oil prices have given quite mixed signals in the last week gone by. Irrespective of the weakness displayed by the USD, the gold trade performed more than it was overall expected to.
The dollar in lines with the last week performance continues to buy 118.91 yen to 120.10 yen without much ado.
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