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Travelauto Launches Fast And Reliable Car Rentals In Dubai For Tourist And Travelers

Travelauto has launched a travel safety car rental in and around Dubai for tourist. Being a tourist attraction, Dubai is one hell of a place to travel. And to go places, cars are very essential part of the tour. Hiring reliable car that will take the tourist to different location is very vital and for that it takes great effort to hire the right kind of car. Travelauto provides car rental at the most convenient time round the clock. All the cars they rent out are certified car with licensed drivers. The rental car drivers are all well versed about the travel spots which are a great bonus for the clients as they will save the burden of asking around the neighborhood.

Travelauto are reasonably cheap and provides instantaneous service for the tourist. The drivers are all well versed about the tourist spots and are decent and courteous to the passengers. The clients can hire a car with or without a driver. Before hiring the car out, Travelauto makes sure that the clients have international driving license that are issued by their own country. They also check upon the passports of the clients so that they maintain total security and everything works out legally with them.

Travelauto works by making online reservation. They have laid out the schedule in their website and from them the clients can make reservation anytime. Travelauto provides multiple numbers of car options. They have mini car, economy car, luxury car, suv, 4x4 etc. They provide instant car rental service with utmost security for the clients. Once the client hires their service Travelauto covers them with insurance which benefits the clients if there are cases of accidents. The clients can pay in cash or with MasterCard or visa for the service. Travelauto uphold the safest car rental policy and aims to provide a reliable service all over Dubai. For more please visit http://www.travelauto.com/car-rental-dubai

About travelauto.com

Travelauto is a car rental agency based in Dubai. They cater licensed car rentals to tourist with affordable price.



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