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Have an Impulsive Travel with Airwheel S5 SUV Long range electric Scooter

What is backpacker? In fact, it is a way of travelling and traveler will carry a big backpack that contains clothes, shoes, foods and even tent. Backpacker can blend in the nature deeply. Nowadays, more and more people join in the team of backpackers. Also, you can take Airwheel S5 ATV two wheel self-balancing electric scooter to have an impulsive travel. It is designed to challenge the nature.

Airwheel S5 is equipped with two 16-inch tyres that have bigger contact surface with ground. Plus, the tyres’ surface has been designed into unique tread pattern. Therefore, Airwheel S5 2-wheeled electric scooter enjoys excellent performance in road holding capability, wear ability, heat dissipation and water discharging, which paves the way for strong adaptability to all difficult road conditions, such as muddy road, country path, mountain pass or even desert.

Meanwhile, Airwheel S5 electric scooter is powered by 680Wh lithium-ion battery, which offers a long range. It helps backpackers to fully enjoy the nature. The frame of Airwheel S5 is made from magnesium alloy, aluminum alloy and LEXAN resin. Thus, it has big load capacity. According to the test, the maximum load ability of Airwheel S5 intelligent power scooter is 120kg, which is enough for a rider and his backpack.

Airwheel S5 may often be taken outside for a ride. Therefore, it has to be portable enough. The control shaft of S5 electric self-balancing scooter is both detachable and foldable. S5 intelligent electric scooter can be widely used by public security police, traffic police, an armed police, or in airport, warehousing, and logistics. In order to give riders safe and relaxing riding, Airwheel S5 fast electric scooter is equipped with a 4-inch LED digital displayer that can clearly show all data about scooter, including current speed, real-time temperature, remaining battery and total mileage.

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Airwheel S5 standing up electric scooter will realize people’s backpacking dream and also give them a wonderful journey.

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