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Enjoy Free Unlimited Cloud Storage in 2019

Many users want to get free unlimited cloud storage but without any idea. Now, this article provides some ways to approach this “dream”. Read it through to get some inspirations.

In 2019, MultCloud online service will enable cloud drive users to own free unlimited storage.

Popular Clouds Provide Free Limited Online Storages

Nowadays, online cloud drive becomes a popular data storage place for us due to its large cheap storage space and easiness of file access.

Popular cloud brands around us are Google Drive, Google Photos, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, MEGA Drive, AmazonS3, pCloud, etc. People are not surprised to see Google, Microsoft and Amazon here since giants are everywhere. So, it is really not easy for Dropbox to become the top three completing those big enterprises.

Cloud brands also provide a certain amount of free cloud space to their users. Yet, different cloud drives offer different amounts. Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox respectively offer 15GB, 5GB and 2GB. MEGA cloud provides the largest one of 50GB but with some limits.

Most people have their own preferred cloud brands and owning more than one cloud accounts for saving different kinds of data.

Hard But Unsatisfied Chase for Free Unlimited Cloud Storage in the Past

With the increasing of personal data, users are facing a problem of running out of their free cloud space. Though some cloud drive providers offer comparatively larger free quota, it still can’t satisfy most users’ needs. People want more free cloud space and even desire for cloud storage free unlimited. Then, is this possible?

To gain more cloud storages without paying, a lot of users choose to create more cloud accounts or create accounts of cloud drives which offer larger quota. As a result, it is troublesome to shift among the many cloud accounts to manage all the data; and, it is hard to remember all the cloud drives’ usernames and passwords. Also, it becomes more and more difficult to create extra account of the cloud they already have one.

In 2017, Google has integrated its drive cloud and Photos cloud, and offers unlimited cloud storage free for photos and videos. Yet, there’s always disadvantage accompanying with advantage. Users have to convert their pictures and videos into “high quality” to enjoy the unlimited free cloud space.

Tips: “high quality” requires a photo should not be larger than 16MP and a video no larger than 1080p.

FREE MultCloud Makes “Free Unlimited Cloud Storage” Dream Real

Most users don’t think it is possible to create free unlimited online storage by themselves until they get to know MultCloud. This is a web-based multiple cloud storage manager, which builds free unlimited cloud space by gathering all the free quotas of each cloud account together.

MultCloud help its users to build unlimited cloud storage free with simple process:

1. Users freely create MultCloud account to enjoy its services, no downloading and installation.

2. Users add their cloud drive accounts to their own MultCloud account.

3. Users get all the free cloud storages together on MultCloud platform.

Finally, it is true that users can get free unlimited cloud storage either by sacrificing the photos quality or by using MultCloud tool. In the coming 2019, hope there are more ways to get unlimited cloud space for free. Also, there is chance that OneDrive, Dropbox and Amazon Drive will catch up with Google Drive.

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