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New Movement Helps Female Entrepreneurs Find that ‘1 Missing Link’

Temecula, California - Becoming an entrepreneur and finding success comes with its own challenges. Being a woman at the same time can easily double these challenges. To help female business owners surmount the challenges of entrepreneurship irrespective of their business, service or product; a mother, wife, and entrepreneur recently started a new movement geared towards helping women entrepreneurs find the ‘1 Missing Link’ they need to achieve and experience unimaginable success in their business.

Having met with many accomplished legacy-driven women, Kisa K., founder of the 1 Missing Link Movement, noticed they all had ONE missing link that stopped them from succeeding in their businesses at the level they desired.

She said, "I believe that we each have something inside of us that is the next person's missing link. For many years, I coached and consulted women entrepreneurs and professionals of all types. In all of these years, I identified ONE common denominator they all shared: They each had 1 MISSING LINK."

Kisa discovered the missing link could be a marketing strategy or a business tool they so much needed, or even a personal struggle like self-confidence that inhibited their business growth.
She was then convinced that every female entrepreneur had something within them that the next female entrepreneur desperately needed to succeed in their business. As a result, she decided to start a movement and a breeding ground where greatness and reciprocity would lead to business success for every female entrepreneur.

1 Missing Link is a community that is built for the community by the community. It is a support group when a healthy dose of "Get in Gear" is needed. A mastermind group when clarity, direction or new business ideas are needed. A sisterhood of women supporting women, a place to access resources and tools needed for business success. It can be for each female entrepreneur what they need it to be. It is a community of women winning!

To be part of the 1 Missing Link Movement or find out more about it, please visit https://1missinglink.com

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