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Near Death Due to Green Giant Negligence

A woman from central Manitoba, Canada, claims to have had a near death experience after consuming Green Giant mixed vegetables. Judy Plantz stated, "within minutes I could not walk straight, and had a hard time standing. I only had one spoonful, the toxicity was that strong." She further explained, "the next four days saw me in bed, in agony with severe diarrhea and a migraine, and from that time I've had repeat bouts with little recovery time. Since the incident I've been mentally cloudy, and significantly weaker than before. I nearly died; I had an actual near death experience."

Plantz contacted Green Giant, and their response was to offer that their inspections are ongoing and thorough, and that such things don't happen. Mrs. Plantz offered, "if that were true, upon discovery of my having proof of what happened in form of product remnants, they'd have asked for a sample and tested it. Yet the entire sample is with me."

There was no further response from Green Giant after the complaint was lodged, and Judy expresses her concern, "that they won't learn from my experience." "I want justice, I nearly died after innocently consuming their product; these things should not happen. People should be made aware of the risk taken when eating frozen produce marketed by those who do not care." "Think of how it would have turned out had it been a child consuming that amount of toxin," she offered.

Mrs. Plantz was queried on the nature of the toxins in the produce. "I have no clue. E. coli, some suggest; but it was cooked, hence no. There may have been negligence involved in their handling of chemicals used either in food processing or in cleaning machinery. This is a theory though."

Asked if she’ll eat frozen vegetables soon, she emphatically stated “no, never again, which goes for my family as well.” Plantz offered a final thought: “circumstance allowed me to determine what happened, to see what caused my poisoning. It was clear because I’d consumed nothing else. But for others that may not be the case. It is possible for someone to be seriously injured or meet their demise in this way. Something needs to be done to prevent it.”

To reach Judy Plantz, send her mail at look2thefuture@hotmail.com or visit her blog https://djehuty11.blogspot.com/

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