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ES Apparels Supplies Customizable Waterproof Zippers Worldwide

Guangzhou City, China – March 25, 2019 – The first zipper made an appearance in 1893, but it wouldn’t be until 1913 that the full value of the device would be fully appreciated. Jack Ren, sales manager at ES Apparels, is an expert on zippers and has seen a distinct increase in the use of waterproof and water resistant zippers in all areas of clothing production.

“ES is one big apparel manufacturer that owns five garment accessories factories, allowing us to provide one-stop service for whole apparel production,” said Ren. “Our designer team can meet your ODM/OEM requirements very well. We can provide any service for the apparel industry.”

ES Apparels is an industry leader, providing waterproof zipper and metal zippers in a variety of styles, colors and patterns. The closures are available in Pu tape, resin, plastic and film types that mesh well with any fabric. While the zippers repel moisture, one of the most attractive attributes for designers is that they’re highly decorative.

Zippers are typically used on outerwear such as vests, jackets and some types of sweaters, but their use extends far beyond the obvious. Water resistant zippers are in high demand for pants, dresses, and even footwear. Today’s consumers gravitate toward clothing that can be donned quickly and easily, making zippers highly attractive for garments of all types in clothing production.

The wealth of options and opportunities available with a waterproof zipper are endless. Offered in eco-friendly materials, they’re obtainable in a rainbow of colors, can be custom printed with logos slogans and patterns, and in multiple shapes and sizes. Waterproof zippers are resistant to temperature extremes and highly durable. They’re also offered in invisible styles and can be crafted with fashionable tassels, fobs and clips on the zipper pull.

Whether a clothing production firm requires water resistant and waterproof zippers for their garments and footwear, ES Apparels can supply zippers for any product ranging from shoes and sportswear to diving suits and chic ball gowns. ES Apparels has the experience and skill to fill any zipper requirements.

About ES Apparels
ES Apparels is part of the Europe Sources Group, offering clients quality garment accessories and a single complete solution for their apparel business. Manufactured in the company’s own facilities, the company offers fabric, webbing, metal plates, buttons, zippers, drawstrings and labels to complete any outfit and build a brand. ES Apparels works with top designers and fashion houses around the world. The company maintains five garment accessories factories and produces more than 7 million garments each year. Connect with ES Apparels on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

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