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Awesome TV launches new iOS and Android App

Awesome TV, a source of Bollywood, Hollywood and original content reinvents itself and launches NEW iOS and android apps.

New York, USA - April 02, 2019 - Awesome TV reinvents itself after listening to its viewer’s plight. The entertainment channel with a huge fan base is a big league in the Bollywood industry. Its viewers however could not get enough of Awesome TV. Through revitalization, the entertainment channel redesigned the Awesome TV app from the ground. This convenience is to enable Awesome TV enthusiasts to be able to watch whenever and wherever they are at.

What makes Awesome TV a real deal is that it is a home to the hottest local and global content. This means that you with Awesome TV, you are privy to local area content and also across the borders. This has gotten much better with this recent revitalization and launch of new shows by our content head ‘Anupma Singh’ such as Laughter Legends, Upcoming Stars and Awesome Websome to name a few. Directed by ‘Ritvik Asthana’ these shows are making waves locally and globally.

Awesome TV has burst forth with more awesomeness in its new personalized Apps Awesome TV - iOS App & Awesome TV - Android App, which you can either cast, live to your TV or stream on any device such as your phone, tablet or etc. Watch the App Video: https://youtu.be/tzqsFCr93xw

The Awesome TV iOS & Android apps walk the lane of up-to-date. It has done on a lot of groundwork before being introduced to its users, the last update being made to the app on April 3rd, 2019, the new Awesome TV iOS & Android apps has made mainstream sales, with up thousands of installs worldwide. Moreover, Awesome TV android app offers PG content meaning its family friendly content.

Ritesh Parikh has put a Global Team together from Media, Entertainment, Business and Technology world to create Awesome TV.

“We have proudly raised the bar, inspired other media houses and changed the landscape for the betterment of the audiences in the south Asian market in North America, we are the pioneers in this golden age of television,” said Ritesh Parikh, AwesomeTV creator, founder and CEO.

“We are the First, South Asian Streaming Network from North America. We have made it easier for the audiences to interact, watch exclusive Awesome TV shows and brining Bollywood and Hollywood to our audiences wherever they are whenever they want on any device they want.

Awesome TV’s commitment still stands as ‘your source for Bollywood, Hollywood and original entertainment. To checkout Awesome TV’s hottest global and local TV network, click http://www.awesometv.tv or hit them up at their media contact; Awesome TV.

Contact: Ritesh Parikh | e: ritesh@awesometv.tv| w: www.awesometv.tv| p: 212-203-7069

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