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Greatsun Financial delegation attend charity event in Japan

A team from Greatsun Financial have recently attended a charitable function in Tokyo in aid of research into cancer treatment and cure.

The delegation attended the event as Greatsun Financial’s board of directors are currently in discussion as to where to dissipate their philanthropic fund, with over 20 charities under consideration this year. Greatsun Financial generally gift their donations throughout the year and attend various events to help decide on who the recipients may be.

Leading the group were Daniel Elias and Robert Mancini, who are both Senior Portfolio Manager’s at Greatsun Financial. For Daniel in particular, this event has a place close to his heart, having recently lost a family member to the disease.

More than 500 people were in attendance to raise funds for clinical trials and breakthrough research studies to help people living and suffering with cancer. In order to gather donations, Robert and Daniel both had ran the equivalent of a marathon (42km) at the company’s fitness center. The donations were on a per-kilometer basis and the total raised reached US$81,753.

The total raised over the course of the evening totaled US$296,458.

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