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Bold, Colorful Turkish Rugs are in High Demand to Decorate Homes

Rugs have replaced the streamlined decorating themes of recent years

May 7, 2019; Charlotte, NC – Home decorating has been dedicated to simplistic, streamlined decor over the last few years. Colors and patterns were simple, providing a clean looking home. However, that trend has come to an end as bold, colorful Turkish rugs and artisanal items have become the latest home decorating movement.

It isn’t just the look and feel of Turkish rugs that have brought them back into fashion. The rugs are extremely durable and long lasting. In some cultures, Turkish rugs are passed down generations which shows the durability they have as a centerpiece of the home.

Rug Source, the Internet’s leading rug seller, has seen an upswing in interest in Turkish rugs from customers. The company, which is headquartered in Charlotte, states people buy the rugs because they bring a new life to the home. Rug Source works with manufacturers in Turkey, India, Pakistan, Iran, Nepal, and other Asian countries. Their ability to distribute high-quality, authentic rugs made in Asia makes them a unique company. Rug Source also makes it easy for customers to purchase one of a kind, authentic Turkish rugs through its ability to distribute them to a large number of customers in North America.

According to home designers, Turkish rugs and other Oriental rugs are perfect because they give a room a vibrant element that would otherwise be lacking. The bold colors are a punch to the senses that make the room stand out.

“A rug can bring out creativity and warmth in a home,” a Rug Source spokesperson said. “Adding bold colors to a room makes it feel like a home that is lived in, rather than a sterile living space void of texture and color.”

Turkish rugs add character to the home and give it a life it never had before. Like other traditional rugs sold by Rug Source, Turkish rugs are a work of art that can be placed in the home to add texture and color.

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Rug Source is a Charlotte, North Carolina-based rug retailer and importer. The company’s online store has a huge stock of over 19,000 rugs from the world’s 10 major rug producing countries. Rug Source sells rugs manufactured in India, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Nepal, Tibet, Afghanistan, China, Russia, and United States. With an extremely professional staff, Rug Source aims to offer reasonable pricing and unmatched customer service.

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