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2232 Days of Bfaner, SECOO Made a Memorable Exhibition

A cooperated exhibition to increase SECOO brand awareness by using the power of KOL

After a collaboration with Becky Li a month ago, SECOO officially launched a second 'SECOO Thousand Bloggers Exhibition' by partnering with Bfaner, a famous KOL in business lifestyle field with millions follower. The exhibition will last to 20th June.

8th June, SECOO hold an offline event in Beijing SECOO experience center with Bfaner memorable exhibition to express a high-end business lifestyle journey. During the event, hundreds of Bfaner followers came to participate. Moreover, one of Chinese largest video platform Tencent made a live stream, attracting millions audiences to watch and interact.

"SECOO is a rising local brand, it grows up with its consumers, aiming to satisfy high-end consumers’ demand. Which is quite similar with the goal of Bfaner." said by Candy Xiong, SECOO International Brand Center GM. "SECOO Thousand Bloggers Exhibition" is intended to establish a new online and offline interactive marketing scenario. As a second exhibition, SECOO chose an old friend Bfaner to create a premium shopping environment, involving recommended products display and QR code scanning to ease the shopping process.

As a first live stream attempt, SECOO launched several limited luxury products, including Hermès bags and Rolex watches. Besides, two sides also developed a WeChat mini-program to optimize shopping experience, to leading and exploring the SECOO 618 Promotion.

Bfaner is a Chinese KOL in business lifestyle area, aiming to focus on every aspect of new rich and new middle class in China, by providing products recommendation and test, and the matching up analysis of business celebrities.

Founded in 2008, SECOO now serves 27 million high-end customers and offers products and services sourced from over 3,800 famous domestic and international brands, as China and Asia's largest online upscale product and service platform. In recent years, aside from offering premium and wonderful experiences to consumers through e-commerce platforms and offline stores, SECOO has also begun to explore solutions to satisfy more unmet needs of consumers. The aim of the SECOO exhibition involving thousands of bloggers is to combine brand advertising with advertising effects, and to achieve mass sales marketing and word of mouth conversion for multiple brands through immersive experience.

Since the release of the strategic concept "Devoted to You", SECOO is on the way to building a larger resources pool along with high-end brands, avant-garde designers, professional buyers and fashion bloggers, and securing strategic value under mutually beneficial win-win cooperation. The lifestyle exhibition co-created by SECOO and Bfaner, continues SECOO's blogger exhibition involving thousands of bloggers. SECOO is going to hold other online or offline themed exhibitions with famous bloggers in China to communicate more marvelous life aesthetics to a wider scope of high-end fashion consumers through mutually beneficial exhibitions.

For more information, visit http://www.secoo.com/

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