"Baby Girl All Access" "Multicultural cast" is a winner

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Funny People’s “King Kedar“ and Star Trek’s “Darren Miller” lands on the set of “Baby Girl ~ All Access.” Directed by Al Franklin and starring “Shugar Jones”(all grown up now) from The Martin Show’s 100th episode

As she travels to work with her girls, Baby Girl (Shugar Jones), an eX-Madame, tells her story to Tammy (Tanya Thompson), a New York reporter. Baby Girl recalls the life they were running - from the strip clubs in Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and Los Angeles – to the turning points in their lives.

The girls get caught up in the strip club Mafia, are eventually “Black Balled” in the underworld, and go from the high life to the low life so fast that hitting the bottom hurts. Baby Girl and the girls find odd jobs to pay bills and eat, but still cannot keep their lives on track.

Deeply committed to their pact of “all for one and one for all,” they vow to take whatever life throws their way and keep moving toward their dreams. Bombarded with challenges - some hilarious, some devastating, the girls hold on, through good times and bad.

Meanwhile, Silk (King Kedar), the head of the strip club Mafia, is determined to bring the girls down and back into the fold, by any means necessary. No stranger to breaking all the rules, Silk is used to having his way until Roosevelt (Darren Miller), an Iraq War veteran, shows up. Roosevelt (a.k.a. Soldier Boy), an up and coming entrepreneur, gets caught up in the game – only to becomes a hero for the second time – as he refuses to let a slipping and tripping pimp keep him from being a winner and taking a shot at love with Baby Girl.

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