07 January, 2014: With more than 11,000 babies born every day in the United States alone, new parents ought to go that extra mile to share the news with family and friends. With such a birth rate, people must be blasted with the news new babies born almost every day. To make the announcement as special as it is to the new parents, the pregnancy or birth announcement should be hard to top by any one. 

Most of the time, the challenge lies in wording the announcement. Anyone can spend a fortune in making the most expensive announcement but no amount of money can beat the personal touch to it. The problem is not just limited to the United States citizens but all over the world as the current global birth rate, everyday is at 370,000 million. Baby shower invitation templates is a site that offers a solution for such parents. The site offers a database of announcement wording whether it is of a pregnancy or of the birth of a baby. To help new parents form personal messages for the announcement, the templates are designed in such a way that even the most unimaginative parent will be inspired into beautiful and touching wordings for the announcement. 

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