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January 29, 2018; Los Angeles, CA – Bean Bag Blog, a website dedicated to the iconic chair, has officially launched an all-new website. Lovers of the classic bean bag chair can find a variety of information on the new website including product reviews, editorials, and informative ‘how to’ articles.

Bean bags have been a favorite furniture for people of all ages for decades. The original bean bag chair was invented in 1969 and marketed to the ‘Flower Power’ and ‘Free Love’ generations. During the 1970s and 1980s they evolved, becoming a piece of furniture widely used for a variety of purposes by the 1990s. Although bean bag chairs have changed, they are very much like the items originally created by Italy’s Zanotta Design in the middle of the 20th century. Bean Bag Blog pays homage to the chair’s long history propelling it into the future.

While there are many websites dedicated to bean bag chairs on the Internet, most are strictly selling furniture to ecommerce shoppers. Bean Bag Blog is one of the only websites dedicated to the dynamic furniture that focuses on its uses and giving fans of the chair other helpful information.

“We want to share all of the great things we love about bean bags on the website,” a Bean Bag Blog spokesperson said. “The chair is so versatile, but most people only see it as a furniture item for kids. We hope to change that.”

According to Bean Bag Blog, the chair is a fun type of furniture that can be used all over the house, inside and out. Bean bag chairs are a great edition to the patio, around the pool, or in a modern living room next to a cozy fire during winter.

“Bean bags aren’t just for kids or college dorm rooms, they are a furniture item that can spruce up a home, if done right,” Bean Bag Blog’s spokesperson said. “Our articles, reviews, and product information will show the website’s readers exactly why they need a bean bag chair. It will also make longtime fans of the furniture happy as they can find tips on how to keep their bean bags looking new.”

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