Dogecoin's craze fades, BILL may become the new favorite of the future currency circle?

Dogecoin was able to get out of the circle smoothly thanks to the cryptocurrency industry's "cargo man"-Tesla CEO Elon Musk. Since the beginning of this year, Musk has been screaming on his Twitter: “We don’t need to be billionaires to have Dogecoin”, “Dogecoin is the people’s virtual currency”, “I haven’t drunk too much. No depression, only Dogecoin in my heart"...
Does Dogecoin have value? The value of a digital currency depends on a shared belief in that value. This is not to say that some types of currency lack resonant qualities. Bitcoin has been described as "sound money" for its technical applications and people's beliefs. Now Dogecoin has neither value nor popular belief, and is easily reduced to empty talk.
With a series of Musk's hype, Dogecoin has experienced big ups and downs, and many high-ranking currency friends have hated Musk's operation. After the wave, the popularity of Dogecoin will gradually recede! When Dogecoin is in decline, a new currency will definitely appear to replace DOGE, and Bill Code is likely to bring a new weathervane. Unlike DOGE, Bill Code's innovative economic model has brought a certain value to BILL. Bill Code's liquidity mining mechanism gives BILL a circulation value, which gives BILL the basis for impacting the mainstream currency status at the beginning of its birth. At the same time, BILL's CPoC consensus mechanism makes the mining cost of miners low. As a result, there is a certain value threshold at the initial stage of BILL's launch, which will bring huge benefits to the majority of miners, and can ensure that BILL has a high degree of participation in the initial stage.
Bill Code’s community joint airdrop activity will attract huge enthusiasm. It is reported that several currencies invested by Grayscale Investment Company will launch a joint airdrop activity for BILL, which shows that Grayscale is also optimistic about the development of the Bill Code project. prospect. In summary, the explosion of Bill Code is an inevitable trend. When everyone is still regretting not participating in Dogecoin, BILL is the next opportunity you should not miss. A cryptocurrency with market development prospects and practical value meaning may become the new darling of the future currency circle!