Bit-M LAST exclusive BMB placement for members before BMB listing is fully subscribed. The first round of Bit-M IEO program will be launched soon, BMB holders enjoy a discount on the IEO program.

Bit-M launched BMB Last exclusive placement on March 18st 10:00(GMT+8) with 20 million BMB before BMB listing. The placement was fully subscribed in advance on the second day of the event. Members can get BMB on Bit-M on March 21st when BMB officially open for trade. Bit-M Token (“BMB”) is a e-certification issued by Bit-M. BMB is used in all types of applications in the global business and ecosystem of Bit-M and has become an important part of the ecosystem.

In addition, Bit-M will soon launch its first round of IEO projects. As a leading digital asset trading platform in Southeast Asia, Bit-M has a wide user base and notable market depth, with the launch of IEO Program, the platform application scenarios and the value of BMB will be greatly expanded and enhanced. BMB holders are also privileged with IEO program discounts.

Bit-m will support startups and potential projects that contribute to the development of the blockchain industry, and improve the ecological development of Bit-M.

About Company:
Bit-M is a leading digital asset platform providing users a Simple, Safe and Reliable solution to put and trade your digital asset and bring the blockchain technology innovation for South East Asia. Bit-M has the national banks level of security measures and risk control and also partners with world top cybersecurity company. It helps Bit-M to create the industry-leading marketing platforms for customers in South East Asia.

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Name: Summer Zhang
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