Local financial professional serves community by volunteering at Detroit’s New Life Rescue Mission

Wyandotte, MI - Brian Teets, founder of Safe Haven Wealth salutes the important work of New Life Rescue Mission. New Life rescue mission was founded in 1958 and seeks to serve individuals and families facing serious need.  The mission offers a hand to homeless men via the mission’s overnight shelter and to anyone in need at their nightly services. Additionally, as resources permit, the mission will address the specific needs of families. Brian Teets has chosen to support the work of the mission by acting as a regular volunteer and encourages others in the business community to do the same.

Brian Teets commented: “Every time I spend time at the mission, the words ‘There but for the grace of God go I’ are not far from my mind.  The folks there often just made one or two bad choices and find themselves in the most desperate of circumstances.  Lending a helping hand in the small way I am able is truly a privilege.”

More About the New Life Rescue Mission: (http://www.newliferescuemission.com/3.html)

“The mission was started November 18th, 1958 when Bill Sr. and wife Betty held their first service. A few friends and some men off the streets met as they dedicated their work to the Lord. They had a few borrowed chairs and a book case for a pulpit. They sang till they were hoarse! That was the beginning of the "NEW LIFE RESCUE MISSION" The name was chosen because Christ offers all of us "NEW LIFE". Bill Kelly sr. died in 1993, and Betty in 2011. Bill jr. stepped in as superintendent. Son John, and daughter Mary are also involved as volunteer and secretary, respectively."

Mission Contact Information:
New Life Rescue Mission
2600 18th St, Detroit, MI 48216
(313) 237-0390

More About Brian Teets and Safe Haven Wealth Management (source: http://www.safehavenwealthmgmt.com/Who%20we%20serve)

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