Learn how to get into super exciting cryptocurrency which uses its own blockchain and does not offer presale or investments. You can just earn it or buy it after launch.

The BullBear Network (BBN) is an exciting new platform where professional cryptocurrency traders can share their trading analysis with peers and get paid for it. BBN aims to provide a safe place for obtaining good insights from trustworthy traders by leveraging the power of the blockchain.

The cryptocurrency trading space has become toxic, filled with scammers, schemers, pump and dumps, and coordinated price manipulations. BBN will put an end to this by using smart contracts for timestamping and ensuring non-modifiability of analysis once posted by the professional traders. The platform users will then be able to access such analysis and vote for the traders with the best analysis. This is deemed necessary for the good traders to build their reputation as well as to weed out bad traders from the platform. Eventually, traders with high positive scores will then be able to sell their predictions and insights on the BullBear Network. The BBN smart contracts will ensure that the traders get paid once their predictions come true whereas the locked funds will be returned to the users if the provided analysis is wrong. This will result in a win-win with traders getting paid for their correct analysis and predictions while users leverage the professional advice to generate positive returns from cryptocurrency trading.

The BullBear Network will not conduct an ICO but rather an airdrop of 2BN tokens to Binance token holders on a ratio of 1:10 (2BN:BNB). The tokens will be used within the network to pay for predictions and trade insights. Also, the tokens will be used to vote for delegates that will produce blocks as the BullBear Network is built on a Delegated Proof of Stake algorithm (DPoS). All 2BN holders are eligible to become delegates. As such, users can also earn tokens by becoming delegates.

To find out more about the BullBear Network visit the website https://bullbear.network/ and read the white paper https://bullbear.network/2BN_WP.pdf

About us
We are a skilled team of crypto developers working in field since 2012. We have helped many cryptocurrencies to launch or update their code. Now we are starting our own fair project with fair distribution.

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